Church of the Holy Trinity
    60 Maple Street, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

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How To Navigate    

How To Navigate

The Tour Page is separated into 3 main areas. The top area or Map Interface shows the graphical location of all views. The lower left area or Tree Interface lists the views alphabetically by category. The lower right area displays the various views. You can select a view by using either the Map or Tree Interface.

Map Interface

Each view is designated by a colored dot, dark blue indicates the current view, and light red indicates other views. If you move the cursor over a light red dot, the dot will change to dark red indicating that this view will be selected if you click the mouse. If you continue to hover the cursor over the dot a text box will appear showing the title of the view. When a dot is selected, the selected dot will change to dark blue, the selected view will be displayed and the corresponding entry in the Tree Interface will also be selected and displayed.

Tree Interface

There are 5 categories corresponding to the 5 maps. Clicking on a category will display a list of views for that category and will close any other opened category. When a view is selected, the text will change to a dark blue background, the selected view will be displayed, and the corresponding dot in the Map Interface will change to dark blue.

 Holy Trinity Church